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One Minute to Pick Your Destiny T-shirt

Posted on June 10 2021

#2021SS T-shirt collections

Spring has passed and the temperature had begun to turn out high day by day.

Fashion T-shirt is the summer must have clothes series.

Lots of people is confused about that why all the T-shirt I like are not suitable for me.

So how to choose the beautiful and suitable T-shirts according to different body ?

If you want to buy good-looking and well-matched T-shirt, you should follow these points below.


Large chest / Flat-chest / Short neck

1.Girls with large chest should not try the round-necked shirt which made the neck shorter and look suffocated.
2.On the contrary, round necklines is friendly to flat-chested girls, which are more constricting and make the upper part of the body look fuller. Besides, you can choose some print designed T-shirt to transform other’s concentrate.
3.One-piece neckline top can solve up all the problem. Showing your beautiful neckline.
4.V-neck and U-neck tops can delicate your collarbone neckline which can make you look slimmer.


1.The versatile and non-picky drop-shoulder version is simply the savior of thick arms. It can easily solve the troubles of wide shoulders and unicorn arms.
2.V-neck design extends the neckline, exposing the collarbone and slimming the body line.
3.Wide sleeves and batwing sleeves are also great for relieving thick arm troubles.

1.The fabric is really important. Don't choose floppy material for small tummies, as it tends to cling to the tummy and look fatter on the waist and stomach.
2.Wearing tips : Tuck your T-shirt into your trousers and put on a delicate belt, which can be a fashion bullet point.



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