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A21 Girls Wearing Tips

Posted on June 23 2021

Top half wearing idea – Changing the visual focus

1.Lifting up your waistline

Tuck your shirt into your trouser or choose the high waist design pants or tunic top.

Outfits Choice: High waist skirt, high waist pants, crop top and others that can lift up your waist line, except of any loose top.
Accessories: You can also use some accessories such belt and silky band to lift up the waistline.

2.Changing the visual focus

Accessories with vivid colors and special design can shift people’s visual focus and also improve your outfits.


Every tops with V-line can decorate with your collarbone and your neckline perfectly. If you are wearing shirt with collar, you can loose 1-2 button to make a V-line look.

Visual extension – Make your legs look more longer

How to make our legs look more longer and prevent from having short legs.
You can try every outfit that can lift up your waist line to create a good body proportions visually.

Pants: High waist shorts or high waist jeans.
If some girls have thick legs, high waist and loose trouser would be their favorite.

Dress & Skirt:
Dress of above the knee length and mid calf length are the safe choice for our smaller girls.

Long dress with high waist can also lift up your waist line visually.




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